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The first generation of doctors was united in growing a clinic that provided the Dallas population with excellent specialty care. From 1927 to the beginning of World War II, the clinic rapidly expanded its personnel, and in 1930, the clinic completed the Dallas Medical & Surgical Hospital, which connected to the clinic.

In 1994, Dallas Medical & Surgical Clinic decided to sell its downtown facilities, and many senior physicians elected retirement. A new generation of doctors stepped forward, renaming the practice Texas Medical and Surgical Associates and moving the organization to the Presbyterian Heart Institute at Walnut Hill Lane and Greenville.

The new generation has overseen much expansion. Since 1994, Texas Medical & Surgical Associates has added to its medical staff, opened 2 additional locations, and purchased state-of-the-art equipment to better serve its patients.

The leadership of Texas Medical & Surgical envisions a bright future for the organization and its patients.
Dr. Raleigh William Baird (1870-1941) Harold Medoris Doolittle, M.D. (1877-1950) Joseph Wilbur Bourland, Sr., M.D. (1872-1960) Harry Metcalfe Spence, M.D. Ludwig A. Michael, MD

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